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Cabinet MAP is the pioneer in the protection of Iintellectual Property in Algeria.

Cabinet MAP is a close partner and actively working with the Algerian authorities.
This partnership has contributed in making tremendous progress in the fight against counterfeit products.

Our actions have made it possible to obtain substantial results in form of Punitive Damages, prison sentences or suspended sentences and significant monetary recovery awarded to our clients and trademark owners.
To achieve this, and with the help of brand owners we organize training sessions for representatives and the different authorities involved in the fight against counterfeiting.

Cabinet MAP offers the following industrial property services:

  Intellectual Property Consulting

  • CabinetMap  is a licensed Mandataire aurprès of INAPI
  • Intellectual Property right and Consulting
  • Search for similar trademarks registered by a third party
  • Formal deposit and registration, renewals of brand, industrial designs and  patents



           At he borders:

  • Request for formalizing a Memorandum of agreement with the general custom division.
  • Lodging a complaint with the customs and trade department,with an ''herbier'' helping to recocgnize counterfeited products.
  • Regular communication of informations to all services to target products, companies or individuals our firm have identified particularly during our investigations in local markets.
  • Fight against the undervaluations ,false origin representations, parallel imports and so on.
  • Continuous training for appointed officials.

           Consumer market:

  • Investigations - Marking - surveillance.
  • Complaint lodging and follow up with the collaboration of national police authorities, the fraud squad , prosecutors and senior judges.
  • Support provided for various staff departments as part of their investigations and actions in the field.
  • State and other national authorities , ministries, NRC INAPI, IANOR, Scientific Police, Laboratories relating to fraud etc..
  • Control on behalf of distributors which constitute the official network of our constituents as a mystery shopper.
  • Reports are drawn up by a bailiff on prescription issued by a presiding judge.
  • Notice, Notification.
  • Out of court arrangements.
  • Legal procedures to various civil or criminal courts.
  • Follow up and assistance for the execution of court decisions (recovery of damages etc.)